Why I Love Almond Milk

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Why we love almond milk:

*It tastes good

*It doesn’t make me feel sick and bloated

*Better for you

*It lasts longer then milk


I first heard about almond milk a few years ago when I started doing Arbonne. I have been learning that a lot of people are lactose intolerant and  I started hearing about their replacements for milk. 

I heard and tried soy and rice milk before and did not like it. So at first I was a bit hesitant to even try the almond. When I ordered my first set of Arbonne shake powder I mixed it in and loved it! My husband and I began experimenting different flavors. Our favorite is the Vanilla. When I did the Arbonne detox it requires no dairy to go with the shakes. After doing the detox I learned that I was more lactose intolerant then I had thought and we have stuck with almond milk since! 

Do you like to use milk or do you also have a replacement? Let me know : )