Mom Life

Keeping Focus

After having our baby I do not plan on jumping back into working out right away. I know  that some moms want to jump back into their pre-pregnancy bodies or try and lose all the baby weight. But I don’t want to lose my focus on another thing that is important, our baby.  

For weeks I will continue to focus on eating right, and sleeping when he sleeps. That will be the best way I can be healthy for me and for him.

I do have a goal to go back down to 110 pounds and get fit again. But I believe in trusting the process. My body is different now and it will never be the same. The process will look different too. I will start with taking baby out on walks and slowly increase the length of the walks. Then as he grows I want to start with 10-20 minute work outs. Some days will be slower then others and that’s ok it’s part of adjusting to my new life. 

What a beautiful honor it is to carry life and bring it into the world. The world calls our postpartum bodies gross, ugly, and letting ourselves go. Fellow moms let us not lose our focus on our children and embrace the new process of our new health journeys. 

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Why I Love Almond Milk

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Why we love almond milk:

*It tastes good

*It doesn’t make me feel sick and bloated

*Better for you

*It lasts longer then milk


I first heard about almond milk a few years ago when I started doing Arbonne. I have been learning that a lot of people are lactose intolerant and  I started hearing about their replacements for milk. 

I heard and tried soy and rice milk before and did not like it. So at first I was a bit hesitant to even try the almond. When I ordered my first set of Arbonne shake powder I mixed it in and loved it! My husband and I began experimenting different flavors. Our favorite is the Vanilla. When I did the Arbonne detox it requires no dairy to go with the shakes. After doing the detox I learned that I was more lactose intolerant then I had thought and we have stuck with almond milk since! 

Do you like to use milk or do you also have a replacement? Let me know : )


Why I Don’t Carry My Products Around

    It is always highly encouraged for people to see your product in person and even have them sample it. For me I ran into the issue of trying them and then keeping them. I kept ordering the make up, the skincare and my favorite the nutrition, but then we started seeing Arbonne products growing in our home. I walk in my kitchen and see the Merrimint handsoap and lotion. Our Cupboards have the fizz stix and protein powder getting used up. My bathroom has the mascara, CC cream, and face wash used almost every day. We love it! 

Here’s why we love them so much:

*small and easy to travel with, but take about 3-6 months to use up the products.

*Ingredients are listed on every product.

*Everything is strictly vegan.

*There is a variety for the whole family and ages. 

*Consultants get 35% off all products for an entire year and don’t have to sell to shop. 

*They make for great Christmas gifts for when the Christmas line comes out.



My Favorite Work Outs and Why

In all honesty I do not like working out! But I know it’s good for me. Whenever I start working out I have more energy during the day and I sleep better at night. So I do make it a priority in my life. I also want our kids to grow up seeing Peter and me taking care of our health as a lifestyle not as a chore. 

I have come to learn I like don’t like workouts that are time consuming, going to the gym or cost money. I also get bored really fast. As soon as I finish a DVD program I wont want to keep doing the same thing. 

So what works for a person who doesn’t go to the gym, doesn’t pay money, and wants a good work out that isn’t too time consuming? 

I love a going on walks and catching up with a friend. I don’t feel like it’s cardio when it’s fun.



I use this workout program called fitness blender. It’s free! And you modify it to meet your needs. This kind of program is awesome for busy lives who want to stay or get healthy.  I also want to try some mommy and baby work outs I saw on Pinterest. 

What works best for you?

Do you like equipment? The Gym? Long or short workouts? Do you like to work out at a certain time of day or are you flexible? 


Mom Life

My New Body

When I jumped on the scale this morning I was excited to see my numbers have gone up!
This is good. This is normal. This is pregnancy. 

Too often I hear women complain about weight gain during pregnancy because society calls them fat.
They listen to the lies the world is telling them. They look at their bodies and hate what they see.

I choose to shun the lies out. This is my motherhood and my time to enjoy the numbers going up because that only means baby is growing. This is the beauty of life growing in me. Which is why I always say FAT AND SASSY! Because I am blessed to grow out and if the world wants to call me fat. Then fat it is! But I refuse to hate the scale, and new body I have.

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Welcome to my little green boutique blog! 

I am so excited to get this started! 

For a long time now I’ve been thinking of how I can share my personal health journey, encourage others, and share some of my favorite health products.  With baby on the way I was wanting to do something that will be super flexible and fun. I am also an introvert who loves writing. With a lot brain storming I have come up with the idea of this blog. 

My biggest hope for my readers as that you are all encouraged to start or continue on your health journey.

My health journey began about four years ago when I got into running. I would run a few days a week. My now husband became a workout buddy of mine. We would do insanity. After we were married I did my first detox and lost 7 inches. We did the Tough Mudder and we make it a tradition to run the Hot Chocolate Run every year.

I am eager to hear about all your journeys.

*What made you want to start?

*What work outs do you do?

*What has been the most effective way that helps you keep going?