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Keeping Focus

After having our baby I do not plan on jumping back into working out right away. I know  that some moms want to jump back into their pre-pregnancy bodies or try and lose all the baby weight. But I don’t want to lose my focus on another thing that is important, our baby.  

For weeks I will continue to focus on eating right, and sleeping when he sleeps. That will be the best way I can be healthy for me and for him.

I do have a goal to go back down to 110 pounds and get fit again. But I believe in trusting the process. My body is different now and it will never be the same. The process will look different too. I will start with taking baby out on walks and slowly increase the length of the walks. Then as he grows I want to start with 10-20 minute work outs. Some days will be slower then others and that’s ok it’s part of adjusting to my new life. 

What a beautiful honor it is to carry life and bring it into the world. The world calls our postpartum bodies gross, ugly, and letting ourselves go. Fellow moms let us not lose our focus on our children and embrace the new process of our new health journeys. 

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3 thoughts on “Keeping Focus”

  1. This is such a good way to approach it! When I had my daughter last December it was hard to accept the changes in my body. But allowing your body to slowly recover and focus on the baby those first few months is so important!

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