My Favorite Work Outs and Why

In all honesty I do not like working out! But I know it’s good for me. Whenever I start working out I have more energy during the day and I sleep better at night. So I do make it a priority in my life. I also want our kids to grow up seeing Peter and me taking care of our health as a lifestyle not as a chore. 

I have come to learn I like don’t like workouts that are time consuming, going to the gym or cost money. I also get bored really fast. As soon as I finish a DVD program I wont want to keep doing the same thing. 

So what works for a person who doesn’t go to the gym, doesn’t pay money, and wants a good work out that isn’t too time consuming? 

I love a going on walks and catching up with a friend. I don’t feel like it’s cardio when it’s fun.



I use this workout program called fitness blender. It’s free! And you modify it to meet your needs. This kind of program is awesome for busy lives who want to stay or get healthy.  I also want to try some mommy and baby work outs I saw on Pinterest. 

What works best for you?

Do you like equipment? The Gym? Long or short workouts? Do you like to work out at a certain time of day or are you flexible? 


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