Welcome to my little green boutique blog! 

I am so excited to get this started! 

For a long time now I’ve been thinking of how I can share my personal health journey, encourage others, and share some of my favorite health products.  With baby on the way I was wanting to do something that will be super flexible and fun. I am also an introvert who loves writing. With a lot brain storming I have come up with the idea of this blog. 

My biggest hope for my readers as that you are all encouraged to start or continue on your health journey.

My health journey began about four years ago when I got into running. I would run a few days a week. My now husband became a workout buddy of mine. We would do insanity. After we were married I did my first detox and lost 7 inches. We did the Tough Mudder and we make it a tradition to run the Hot Chocolate Run every year.

I am eager to hear about all your journeys.

*What made you want to start?

*What work outs do you do?

*What has been the most effective way that helps you keep going?


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